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Automated cyber awareness training

(2 mins) This video covers:

  • Automating user-tailored training
  • Building human cyber risk profiles
  • Creating custom courses (LMS)


Simulated phishing campaigns

(4 mins) This video covers:

  • Launching readily-made phishing tests
  • Creating custom spear-phishing tests
  • How to automate regular simulations


Simplified policy management

(3 mins) This video covers:

  • Creating and revising policy versions
  • Easily communicating policy updates
  • Tracking user views and approvals


Dark web exposure monitoring

(1 min) This video covers:

  • Detecting exposed user credentials
  • Accessing real-time breach reports
  • Identifying breached data in-depth

Risk Reporting

Ongoing human risk reporting

(1 min) This video covers:

  • Combine phishing, training, policy & breach metrics
  • Calculate a company human risk score
  • Understand training impact

Win clients with Human Risk Reports

(1 min) This video covers:

  • Differentiate your MSP with a unique offering
  • Caulculate human risk in a few simple steps
  • Generate reports that nudge clients into action