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Common Questions

  • What volume discounts are available?

    SecurityGateway offers flexible, per user subscriptions with reduced pricing based on volume.

    Number of users Total annual price (excl. VAT)
    5 users £-.--
    10 users £-.--
    25 users £-.--
    50 users £-.--
    100 users £-.--
    250 users £-.--
    500 users £-.--
    1000 users £-.--
    2500 users £-.--
  • What is classed as a 'user' for licencing purposes?

    A SecurityGateway user in licencing terms is any mailbox being protected. Users can have unlimited aliases at no cost.

  • Is yearly renewal optional or mandatory?

    SecurityGateway is based on an annual subscription model, so a renewal is required each year to keep the software operational.

  • Can I adjust the size of my licence?

    It's straightforward to add users (minimum of 5) at any time should you bring on new staff, either by finding the keys in your account , or by using the online upgrades checker. If you'd like to downsize, simply wait until your licence is close to expiry and purchase a fresh key at the required size.

  • How long will it take to get my licence key?

    Usually within a few minutes of us receiving your payment.

  • What payment methods are available?

    Orders can be paid for online by credit/debit card or by cheque/bank transfer - details available on your pro-forma invoice which you can print at the end of the checkout process.

  • Are there any minimum and maximum number of licences?

    The minimum number of users is 5 and additional users can be purchased at any time. If you need more than 2500 users, please Contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Will you extend my trial if I run out of time to test it properly?

    Yes. Provided it's for a genuine reason, we're always happy to extend your trial a little if it helps you understand whether the product meets your needs fully. Just get in touch in the normal ways to request an extension and we'll get back to you with a new key.

  • What's your policy on refunds?

    As there's a 30-day trial available, we'd like to think there won't be any need for refunds, however, if you do find yourself unsatisfied with the product for any reason, we offer a no-quibble 30-day refund policy (but that's the cut off!).

  • Do you offer training?

    We're not running any formal training currently, however you'll find a wealth of education material across our blog, YouTube channel and in the vendor's help guides. We're also on hand to walk you through anything you're not sure about and to help bring you up to speed quickly.

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