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MailStore Server
MailStore user licence. You need one license per user whose emails are archived or who should get access to the archive.
Upgrade Cover
New purchases include 1 year of upgrade cover. This provides free upgrades to any new releases of the software during the period of cover and can be renewed each year. We provide free telephone and email support for keys with active upgrade cover that are purchased directly from ourselves.
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Common Questions

  • How does the licencing model work?

    Additional users can be purchased at any time but the minimum number purchasable at any one time is 5. A MailStore user is classed as any person whose email is archived by MailStore although users may have any number of mailboxes archived into their MailStore account. In simple terms, you should purchase a key size that matches the number of people in your organisation who send and receive email. Please note that MailStore keys specifically exclude the use of MailStore to provide commercial email archiving services.

  • What is upgrade cover?

    Renewing your key's upgrade cover will extend it's existing expiry date by one year. Upgrade cover renewals can only be purchased once a key is within 90 days of its expiry date. A 90 day grace period for expired keys is provided but you will effectively lose some time when renewing late. Your key will of course continue to function if allowed to expire although you won't qualify for free upgrades to new versions. Please note that we only provide free telephone and email support for keys with active upgrade cover. We highly recommended maintaining active cover to obtain the best experience possible.

  • What if my cover has expired?

    If your key expired more than 90 days ago, it is no longer upgradeable or renewable and instead you will need to purchase a new key however a discount of 30% is available on your new purchase and will automatically be applied as long as you can provide your existing key during the upgrade process.

  • Can I add more users if I need them?

    Additional users can be added to non-expired MailStore keys in minimum quantities of 5. Your key's existing upgrade cover expiry date will be unaffected ie. your new users will inherit the same upgrade cover expiry date as your current key. The pricing for the new users is based on the total number of users you will have AFTER the upgrade eg. if you have a 9 user key and want another 16 users, the pricing for the additional users will be based on the '25-49 users' band as you will have 25 users in total after upgrading. If your current key's expiry date is 450 or more days in the future, then the cost of the additional users will include 2 years of upgrade cover, or 3 years if the expiry date is 810 or more days in the future.

  • Can I recycle users I no longer use?

    Yes, definitely. If a member of staff leaves, you can remove the user so that no new email is being added, but their existing archive remains visible to those with access permissions. This is typically either another user(s) or the administrator.

  • How are upgrades calculated?

    Renewing your upgrade cover before it runs out will costs approximately 25% of the current new price, rising to 70% of the current new price if you let it expire (and use the 42 grace we give you). For an exact renewal cost you can either locate the key in your account or analyse it with our online upgrades checker.

  • Can I renew my licence early?

    You certainly can, but the limitation there is that it needs to be within 42 days of its expiry date.