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BackupAssist for Windows

Windows Server backup and disaster recovery software (core product).


1 year upgrade cover (qualifies for 1 year free technical support) £-.-- Optional £75.00 renewal from year 2 onwards Select
2 years upgrade cover (qualifies for 2 years free technical support) £-.-- Optional £75.00 renewal from year 3 onwards Select

Add-ons for BackupAssist

The following add-ons provide added functionality to the core BackupAssist product.


Hyper-V Advanced add-on £-.-- Select
Exchange Granular add-on £-.-- Select
SQL Continuous add-on £-.-- Select
Cloud Backup add-on £-.-- Select
Tape Archiving add-on £-.-- Select
Add-ons inherit their upgrade cover from the
BackupAssist core licence they're used with

BackupAssist MultiSite Manager

Remote Management of your BackupAssist installations from a web application.


1 year subscription £-.-- / year Select
2 year subscription £-.-- / year Select

Standalone Cloud Backup

Standalone cloud backup product comprising BackupAssist’s off-site backup functionality only.


1 year upgrade cover (qualifies for 1 year free technical support) £-.-- Optional £40.00 renewal from year 2 onwards Select

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Common Questions

  • What's included with 'upgrade cover'?

    Buying your licence with upgrade cover and keeping it up to date each year provides lots of benefits, including CryptoSafeGuard anti-ransomware protection, access to the frequently released new versions, free email support, and lastly, the ability to connect to the Multi-site Manager.

  • Are there any ongoing costs?

    Your software will continue to function, whether you renew the upgrade cover or not. However, it's just worth bearing in mind that it's more expensive to renew if you let it expire. Also of course, you won't be eligible for support and eventually it'll creep out of date. At some stage, just like all software, specific versions will reach end of life in line with the vendor's policies.

  • Do I have to renew the add-ons?

    Add-ons are all a one-off cost, and simply inherit the expiry date of your main application. As with the core product, they'll keep functioning regardless, but if you keep the upgrade cover up to date, your add-ons will receive all of the latest improvements, plus they'll be eligible for free technical support by email.

  • How many copies of BackupAssist do I need?

    You'll need a copy of BackupAssist, plus the appropriate add-ons, for each physical machine you're looking to protect. If you're a Hyper-V user, one licence on each Host is all you'll need in most cases, regardless of the number of Guest machines you have. Still not clear? Feel free to run your requirements passed us if you'd like a second opinion.'

  • Will you extend my trial if I run out of time to test it properly?

    Yes. Provided it's for a genuine reason, we're always happy to extend your trial a little if it helps you understand whether BackupAssist meets your needs fully. Just get in touch in the normal ways to request an extension and we'll get back to you with a new key.

  • Do you provide backup storage?

    We don't. It would be almost impossible to compete with the level of investment cloud giants such as Amazon and Microsoft have invested in their infrastructure, so if you're looking for that kind of off-site storage, we'd recommend both as great options.

  • What's your policy on refunds?

    As there's a 30-day trial available, we'd like to think there won't be any need for refunds, however, if you do find yourself unsatisfied with the product for any reason, we offer a no-quibble 30-day refund policy (but that's all!).

  • Do you offer training?

    We're not running any formal training currently, however you'll find a wealth of education material across our blog, YouTube channel and in the vendor's help guides. We're also on hand to walk you through anything you're not sure about and to help bring you up to speed quickly.