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Your MDaemon server.
Hosted in the cloud.
Managed by experts.

Combine the benefits of cloud hosting, with the performance, security and flexibility of your own dedicated server.

There's no better way to experience MDaemon.

Located in Amazon's fast, super-secure hosting facilities and cared for by our team of gurus, there really is no better way to get the most from MDaemon.


Forget all about managing hardware, software and licencing.


Data centre hosted, your service is safe from fire, theft & accidental damage.


Monitored 24x7x365, our team are ready to act at the first sign of a hiccup.


Ongoing optimisation to ensure you're getting the most from MDaemon.

One monthly fee. No software, hardware, or licence admin.

As a growing your business, your time shouldn't be spent on licence administration or things like refreshing server and networking hardware.

The Cloud Hosted MDaemon service covers all of this and more for a single monthly fee, saving you time, ensuring a hiccup-free service and preventing any surprise spikes in your running costs.

Everything MDaemon has to offer

MDaemon and all of the add-ons, with renewals and admin handled for you.

No hardware to think about

Forget about maintaining servers and networking settings, let us do it for you. 

A single monthly fee

One predictable monthly cost covers your mail service. No spikes, no extras!

Monitoring, management and backup handled by our MDaemon uber-gurus

Having supported thousands of customers over 20+ years, there are few more capable hands than those of our MDaemon team. We'll help you migrate, keep up to date and ensure you're extracting the most value MDaemon has to offer.

All aspects of hardware configuration and maintenance

14-day backup for disaster recovery protection

24x7x365 service monitoring and optimisation

All software upgrades and renewals

Assistance with migration from your existing service

Priority telephone, email and remote support


The fastest, safest and most reliable home for your MDaemon server

Vastly superior to anything your typical growing business could justify investing in, Amazon's data centres offer redundant power supplies, geographic resilience across multiple facilities, access control and the very highest level of surveillance. 

They also boast the best reliability of the major providers, and if your own broadband were to experience problems, you'll always have the option to access your email from elsewhere.

Interested in pricing?

Find out how little your own server will cost...


The freedom and flexibility of your own email server

Unlike most multi-tenant email platforms, with your own cloud-hosted server, you've got total control, including full access to features and customisation options, enabling you to cater for even the most bespoke of business needs.

A dedicated server also provides added security. With control over how your data is managed, you remove the inherent security risk of multi-tenancy, and also the possibility one tenant could at times consume the majority of system resources.

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    “Our server still works just as if it was in our office and we now have more time to focus on what we do best. We highly recommend Cloud Hosted MDaemon.”

    Darren Vurnum
    CEO, Escape Worldwide
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    “The Cloud Hosted MDaemon team are the most approachable, helpful and knowledgeable of any service provider or consultancy we’ve used in our 30 years of business.”

    Simon Kibble 
    Frost Meadowcroft

Let's talk!

Give us a call or send us an email. Feel free to run your requirements past us, ask any burning questions and generally pick our brains!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help with migrating my existing data?

Yes. We can provide advice and assistance on the best way to upload your data to your new cloud-hosted MDaemon server.

Is there a minimum contract?

The minimum period of service is 3 months. After the initial quarter, the service can be cancelled at any time subject to a 14 day notice period.

What support is included?

Monitoring is 24x7x365, and an emergency number is available to report outages you think we're not aware of. Normal telephone support is available between 9am and 5pm as per our support page information.

Is mail archiving included?

No, we highly recommend using MailStore Server, either on-premise, or we can discuss the possibility of hosting this on the same machine as MDaemon in some cases.

What access do I have to the server?

You will have RDP access (with limited access rights) to the server should you ever need to manually restart MDaemon or reboot the server itself. 

Is there a service level guarantee?

Yes, we provide a 99.5% uptime guarantee for the AWS virtual server (subject to things outside our control).

Are there any restrictions on how I use my server?

The service isn't available to companies intending to send unsolicited bulk emails, resell mailboxes to third parties and pre-filter email being forwarded on to other mail servers.

How long are backups of my server retained?

We retain 7 x daily snapshots, 4 x weekly and 3 x monthly snapshots of the drive that holds your MDaemon data.