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Get started with usecure!

To get started with usecure, request a call or meeting or just have us send you the MSP pricing, please complete the form below and we’ll get back to you asap.

Please check the appropriate options below:-
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Free NFR for your company’s own use

There’s no better way to understand the benefits than by using it yourself.  Sign-up to get 100% free access to all usecure features for your own organisation with no commitment at all. 

Clear and easy invoicing

usecure billing is done at the start of each month and is based on the maximum number of active users you had in the previous month with payment being handled automatically by direct debit at the end of each month. No hassle! 

Substantial volume discounts available to MSPs at all levels

Total users Discount
10 to 49 12%
50 to 99 14%
100 to 249 16%
250 to 499 18%
500 to 999 20%
1000+ 25%

No commitments

If your requirements happen to change and you end up with no active users in any month then we won’t invoice you and you can restart automatically as and when you’re ready to. 

Very low minimum billing commitment 

If you have any active users in a month, the minimum billing commitment starts at a very low 10 users ie. if you have fewer than 10 active users, you will only be billed for 10 users (hopefully you’ll have many more!). For the first 3 months though, the minimum commitment of 10 users won't be applied.