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Become a reseller

Join over 1000 IT support companies and MSP's already helping clients by recommending our products and services.

Benefits for members

  • Significant discounts from RRP with minimal sales commitment;
  • Heavily discounted NFR licences and a listing on our reseller locator1;
  • Regular product bulletins;
  • Access to expert technical support;
  • Access to Partner training seminars and events;
  • Access to use product and partner programme logos and other marketing materials in conjunction with your own materials;
  • Premium Partners will receive leads where possible and appropriate;

1 Although Associate level members qualify for a discount from RRP, they do not qualify for NFR discounts or a listing on our reseller locater. 


Eligible organisations need to be registered organisations at Companies House (ie. LTD, PLC, Partnership etc) or, in the case of Sole Traders, be VAT registered. The organisation's primary activity should be the supply of IT related products, services, support or consultancy to their own customer base for commercial gain (ie. non profit making organisations and charities are not eligible). Eligible organisations must also be in a position to make regular sales of our products through their own sales activities.

Levels and discounts

Our Partner Programme consists of five levels with new members joining at the Reseller level and a member's ongoing level being set based upon the RRP value of their purchases of resold products over the previous 365 days.

These levels are assessed upwards automatically every day while downwards changes are only made at the start of each month. Members are exempted from automated downward reviews for the first 90 days after joining the Partner Programme.

Please note that these discounts may not apply to all products and services available to Partners.

Programme levels and discounts RRP value of purchases in prior 365 days1 Discount from RRP
Associate £0.00 to £999.99 up to 15%
Reseller2 £0.00 to £999.99 up to 20%
Partner £1000.00 to £3499.99 up to 25%
Premium Partner £3500.00 and above up to 30%
Distribution Partner3 n/a up to 30%

1 Figures shown exclude VAT and NFR sales. 
2 Reseller level subject to minimum requirement of 1 new licence re-sale (excl. NFR) every 365 days of a core product ie. plug-ins do not count. 
3 Distribution Partner status is reserved for well established software warehouse retailers with significant online software catalogues and their own established reseller channel eg. Grey Matter, QBS etc.

Requirements and sales commitments

  • Reseller level is subject to a minimum requirement of 1 new licence re-sale (excl. NFR) every 365 days of a core product ie. plug-ins do not count. There is no other minimum licence sales requirement for the other levels;
  • Your primary business must be reselling and supporting IT services and products to your own customer base;
  • You must maintain at least one contact name, a non-premium rate landline telephone number and an email address that an appropriate person within your organisation can be contacted on during normal office hours;
  • By reselling any particular product line you are confirming that an appropriate person(s) within your organisation has downloaded, installed and familiarised themselves with the product line in question and will make reasonable endeavours to maintain appropriate knowledge of the product line such that first line support can be offered to customers to whom the product line has been re-sold;
  • Partners will be automatically removed from the Partner Programme if no purchases (for resale) have been made over the previous 3 years;

We reserve the right to reject applications, remove partners from our Programme and modify any details, requirements or benefits relating to our Partner Programme at any time without notice (although we will always do our best to communicate any changes in a timely and appropriate manner!) 

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