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MailStore SPE Downloads and Resources

Download: MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) 

Please note, if you do not already have a license key you'll need to request a trial before you can use this installation file.

For existing service providers looking to upgrade, please ensure you have a backup before installing over the top of your current setup.

Before upgrading, please also ensure that you review the latest update notices and release notes.


Download: MailStore Gateway (free add-on)

The MailStore Gateway is a recommended add-on and it's primary purpose is to enable messages to be sent directly to MailStore via a journaling rule in your Microsoft 365 tenant (essential for compliance requirements).

You'll find useful links below and more information on MailStore's website.

Download MailStore Gateway

Looking for an older version?

Earlier versions of MailStore can be downloaded from here.

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