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Privacy Policy

Last revision date: 27th January 2020. This information may be updated from time to time to ensure that we comply with the latest General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). 

This privacy policy sets out how Zen Software Limited collects, uses and protects any personal information about you when you contact or conduct business with our company.

Our commitment to privacy

We will only collect the minimum amount of personal information required to allow us to effectively communicate and do business with you and your organisation. Where we have collected personal information, it is stored securely and only handled by those people in our company that need access to it.

What personal information do we collect and store

Along with your organisation name and address, the only other personal information we collect and store are your name, telephone number, email address and an encrypted copy of your account password. 

The above information may be gathered when you create an account on our website, download software from our website, speak to us on the phone, use our website chat tool, use our remote support tool or when one of your colleagues provides us with your contact information. We may also receive your contact information by way of a referral from a supplier or an IT consultant acting on your behalf. 

In some situations, our systems (ie. our website and email gateway) may automatically log your connecting IP address as part of general logging processes however we don’t use this information to target specific customers in any sales and marketing campaigns.

Where do we store our data

All our data is stored in services that are GDPR compliant.

Can we access your password?

No. We only store an encrypted version of your password that we can’t decrypt ourselves. When you provide your password at login, our web server creates an encrypted version of what you entered and compares it to the encrypted version we store with your account details. By matching the two we can then verify that your password is correct. This is standard good practice and ensures that if ever our database were to be accessed by someone that wasn’t authorised to, your password would not be compromised.

What about when we provide remote support?

As part of our business, we provide IT support to our customers and from time to time are provided with remote access to customer’s PCs and servers. We aren’t able to initiate remote access to customers’ servers - this is only ever done with the consent and in the presence of customers. The details of remote support sessions are logged but the sessions themselves are never recorded without consent and no data is retained other than what may be needed to assist with a specific issue. Any files which are obtained by us as a result of our providing support are deleted from our systems as soon as the issue has been resolved.

What about information emailed to us in relation to support issues?

We archive all email passing through our mail server so anything you send to or receive from us via email will be stored in our archive. Our email archive is secure and encrypted and is only accessible by our staff. Our recommendation wherever possible is to not send us personal information or files containing personal information via email - it’s better practice to send us a shared link to a file that you ultimately have control over. If you’ve sent us an email containing personal information that you'd like us to purge from our email archive, please contact us.

Do we ever see, collect or store credit card information?

No. We don’t ever see, store or have access to any of our customers' credit/debit card details. Card transactions are only ever handled securely via an encrypted connection between your own web browser and the third party card payment handling service we use (currently Stripe).

Do we ever share personal information with 3rd parties?

We don’t share any personal information with 3rd parties outside our company except where there is a very specific requirement for us to do so as part of our doing business with you (see below) or where this is a legal requirement for us to do so.

In what situations do we share personal information with 3rd parties?

When we take a card payment online we pass some basic contact information to Stripe who handle our card clearing services. This information is only used by Stripe to carry out that specific card transaction. 

Occasionally, as part of assisting a customer, we may need to pass contact information to one of our suppliers or resellers to help with things like locating licence keys or providing support. In situations like this we will only provide the minimum amount of information required and in most cases won’t need to supply anything beyond a customer’s organisation name.

Do we store personal information securely

All personal information that is held by Zen Software is stored and backed up securely. Any backups that are taken off-site are heavily encrypted.

Do any of the products supplied by Zen Software transfer personal information without my consent?

Although this is beyond our control to fully verify on an ongoing basis, we have obtained confirmation from all of our suppliers that their software does not transfer any personal information without the explicit consent of the end user.

Can I access and update the information stored by you?

Yes. If you have an account on our website then you can access and update your contact information yourself by logging into your account on our website at any time. If you would like us to update your information for you, please contact us with details of the changes and we will organise this for you.

Can I request that you delete my personal information from your records

Yes. If you’d like us to delete your personal information from our systems, please contact us with your details and we will organise this for you.

Need further information?

If you have any queries and/or requests about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.