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Buy NG Firewall

NG Firewall solutions are simple and powerful, and we believe that buying them should be just as straightforward. You can customize a solution to fit your needs, then complete your purchase online.

z4 appliance

Buy NG Firewall to install on your own appliance/VM

NG Firewall can be installed on most types of Intel-based servers as an on-premises network gateway using your own hardware, in Amazon’s Web Services or Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure. Configure a subscription package based on your requirements.

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Q series appliances

Buy pre-installed NG Firewall Appliances

NG Firewall appliances are shipped with NG Firewall pre-installed and are ready for easy remote license provisioning and configuration via Command Center's zero-touch deployment.

Q4 appliance

Q4 Appliance

The Q4 is ideal for smaller networks, branch offices or retail locations that need a cost-effective network security solution that just works, right out of the box. This appliance performs well under heavy workloads like content filtering, intrusion prevention and VPN encryption, ensuring these smaller networks stay up and running with no hiccups. This small, quiet appliance takes up minimal space and is recommended for networks with 10-50 users.

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Q8 appliance

Q8 Appliance

The Q8 appliance is ideal for small networks, mid-sized branch offices and retail locations. It delivers high-performance, next-generation firewall capabilities, threat protection and content filtering. The Q8 also includes 2 PoE+ ports that can power 2 external Wi-Fi 6 based access points allowing you to expand your wireless reach. This appliance is ideal for locations with up to 75 users.

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Q12 appliance

Q12 Appliance

The Q12 delivers next-generation firewall features for mid-to-large-sized offices. This appliance offers fiber connectivity for increased performance and security efficacy, and is Ideal for networks with 100-500 users*. This 1U rackmount appliance is a powerful single device providing security and performance from content filtering to advanced threat protection without compromising performance.

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Q20 appliance

Q20 Appliance

The Q20 is the largest NG Firewall appliance, ideal for large campuses and headquarters with 500-3,000 users*. Superior performance allows for full next-generation firewall capabilities to work seamlessly under load. Multiple high-speed interfaces, fiber connectivity, fast processing and ample memory allow this 1U rackmount appliance to support large-sized organizations while exceeding expectations for both security and performance.

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z4 appliance

Buy Micro Edge Security Edition to install on your own appliance/VM

Micro Edge provides advanced connectivity and security capabilities to enable any business to have a secure network edge at a fraction of the cost of traditional commercial solutions. Micro Edge provides secure branch connectivity, optimizes existing internet infrastructure, and prioritizes business critical applications to maximize employee productivity.

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