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Faxing can be as easy as email!

Traditional faxing is a chore with too much paper and paper feeding being involved but, despite its slightly archaic nature, faxing is still a very popular and essential tool in many organisations. The key to efficient faxing within an organisation is to make it as easy as possible for users to send and receive faxes directly from their desktop PCs through a centralised fax gateway...

Developed by Alt-N Technologies, RelayFax provides a fax gateway which does exactly this. Using RelayFax, users are able to send outbound faxes quickly and easily from their desktops using the Print command, the RelayFax client utility, or by emailed attachments. Incoming faxes are converted to a choice of popular image formats before being routed as email, printed automatically to a printer, saved to a folder or even passed through OCR. Centralised control of faxes also provides features such as scheduled sending, broadcast faxes, account control and automated blocking of unwanted faxes.

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Download RelayFax 30-Day-Trial Why not install the free fully functional 30-day trial version of RelayFax and give it a try!

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