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MailStore Server

Download Free 30-Day-Trial Install MailStore in just a few minutes on any Windows (or virtual) PC and immediately begin archiving emails.

Download Free 30-Day-Trial

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Available for less than £260 ex. VAT for 5 users with discounts available on larger license sizes.

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Flexible Archiving

MailStore Server supports most standard email servers, Internet mailboxes, email clients and file formats. The archiving strategy can therefore be customized based on the specific detailed needs of a company.
  • Archiving of existing mailboxes, public folders, and PST files
  • Archiving of all emails as they are received and sent
  • Emails can be deleted from mailboxes once they have been archived according to a rule-based process

Scalable Storage Technology

MailStore Server is bases on a highly sophisticated storage technology that does not require an external database management system and is available immediately after setup is complete. MailStore Server appears to users as a main archive which it assembles from any number of individual archive stores. Archive stores are created by default in the file system and do not require any further configuration.

This concept makes flexible storage management possible and also guarantees scalability to any volume of data and number of users. In practice, this handles installations that support more than a thousand archived mailboxes and the users who access them.

Reliable Compliance Features

A comprehensive technology concept ensures that companies using MailStore Server are able to comply with regulatory or business record retention requirements at all times.
  • 100% complete archiving of all emails possible
  • Tamper-proof thanks to AES256 encryption, SHA1 hash values, and other measures
  • Configurable retention periods
  • Integrated auditing system delivers seamless logging and transparency

Fast Access for All Users

When accessing the archive, users can perform a full-text search (including all file attachments) or use the regular folder structure. Emails can be recovered using one click restore or simply opened to forward the message or send a reply.
  • MailStore Outlook Add-in: Seamless integration in Microsoft Outlook
  • MailStore Web Access: Access using any internet browser
  • MailStore IMAP Server: Integration of the archive as a read-only mailbox into any email program or onto a mobile device via an integrated IMAP server

Powerful Export Features

MailStore Server is not a one-way street. Every email can be restored from the archive at any time by using standard file formats. This guarantees long-term independence for companies - even from MailStore Server itself.
  • Microsoft Exchange mailboxes
  • Mailboxes from any email server (IMAP)
  • Forwarding via SMTP
  • Directory in file system (RFC822 EML, MSG, and PST files)
  • Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

Try MailStore

Download MailStore 30-Day-Trial You can install the free 30-day trial version of MailStore Server in just a few minutes on any Windows (or virtual) PC and immediately begin archiving emails. No changes will be made to your email systems at any time.

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