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Service Level Guarantee

Subject to the exclusions listed below, we guarantee that your server will have an Uptime of at least 99.5% each month.

In the event that the total Downtime is greater than 0.5% over a whole calendar month we will provide a credit of 1 day's fees for each full day that month where the Downtime over that day is greater than 0.5%.

Credits raised in any calendar month shall not in any circumstance exceed the entire month's fees. Credits raised will be deducted from your next invoice.

Claims against this guarantee will only be accepted if made within 90 days of end of the month in which the downtime occurred.


Claims against the service level guarantee will not be accepted if the Downtime is a result of:-
  1. Scheduled maintenance where we have provided a minimum of 72 hours' advance notice by email to a designated email recipient within your organisation.
  2. Emergency maintenance undertaken to ensure integrity of the service.
  3. Issues relating to your own Internet connectivity or for any client software you use to access your MDaemon server.
  4. Situations where we have previously notified you of a potential lack of server capacity (eg. disk space or CPU) and the downtime can reasonably be attributed to that lack of capacity due to no rectifying action having been agreed upon.
  5. Faults which are a result of third party actions which are outside our control.
  6. Faults caused by any configuration changes to the server or software on the server made by yourself or any third party.
  7. Downtime within any part of Amazon's AWS infrastructure, except that which we have direct control of ourselves. The reliability of Amazon's AWS infrastructure is extremely well proven. More information about Amazon's AWS services is available here.
  8. Any outage and/or loss or failure of service resulting from Force Majeure.


'Uptime': a period of time where the server is responding to UDP ping packets from the Internet within 2000 milliseconds.

'Downtime': a period of time where the server is not responding to UDP ping packets from the Internet within 2000 milliseconds.