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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this service cost?

Please use the pricing calculator that is available here.

How is my billing calculated?

At the beginning of each month you'll be billed for the next month based on the maximum number of mailboxes you were using on your MDaemon server during the prior month. Your first bill will be based on the initial number of mailboxes you specify.

Is the MDaemon licencing included in the billing for the service?

Yes, full licencing for the MDaemon email server suite is included in the monthly service cost.

What if I need to vary the number of mailboxes?

That's no problem - you can add and remove mailboxes as required via MDaemon's normal interfaces and your billing will be adjusted automatically at the beginning of the next month.

Is storage included?

Yes, the service includes allocated disk space of 5GB per mailbox.

What I need more storage space?

We will actively monitor the number of mailboxes and free disk space on your server's disk and will adjust the disk size as required so that you don't run out of disk space. Where your disk size is greater than the included space, your billing will be adjusted to cover the additional storage required.

Is bandwidth usage included?

5GB of outbound bandwidth per mailbox per month is included and we do not anticipate billing customers for additional bandwidth usage.

In the event that your server is consistently using more outbound bandwidth than the included 5GB per user we reserve the right to contact you to arrange for the usage to be reduced or for the excess usage to be added to your billing.

Can the performance of the server be upgraded?

Yes, the server's performance can be upgraded very quickly and easily by us as with billing being adjusted as required.

What billing options are available for this service?

To keep things simple we're offering a single billing option of monthly in advance on 30 day credit terms - which must be adhered to, to maintain your ongoing service.

What is the minimum period of service and what notice is required for cancelling the service?

The minimum period of service is 3 months. After the initial quarter, the service can be cancelled at any time subject to a 14 day notice period.

Where is my server hosted?

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the cloud hosting infrastructure due to its reliability, flexibility, scalability and manageability. By default we spread the hosting of our customers' servers across Amazon's three EU datacentres (zones) in Ireland.

If I decide to stop using the service, can I take my licences and re-use them somewhere else?

No, the licences are provided as part of the service and cannot be transferred and re-used anywhere else.

Is spam and virus filtering included?

Yes, comprehensive spam and virus filtering is included as part of the service.

Can I manage my own spam filtering options and create my own custom content filter rules?

Yes, you will have full control over your server's spam filtering settings and MDaemon's content filter.

How long are backups of my server retained?

We retain 28 daily snapshots of your server's data drive (ie. the MDaemon drive) along with 4 weekly snapshots of the server's system drive (ie. the Windows drive). In the event of any significant problems this will allow us to recover your server very quickly and easily back to any day within the previous 28 days.

Is mail archiving included?

No, email archiving isn't included. Athough we provide snapsnot backups of the server these should not be viewed as an archive. We highly recommend maintaining your own 'off service' archive of your email using a product such as MailStore. We will be happy to talk to you about how you can integrate MailStore into your solution.

Can I run other software on the server?

No, the server is dedicated to running MDaemon so other applications aren't able to be installed.

What access to control MDaemon do I have?

You will have access to manage MDaemon via its normal user interface (GUI) which we provide access to via the Windows RemoteApp services. Alternatively you can manage MDaemon via its web based management interface.

What access do I have to the server?

You will have RDP access (with limited access rights) to the server should you ever need to manually restart MDaemon or reboot the server itself. We provide two desktop icons for you to perform these tasks should you ever need to (generally, you shouldn't need to do this though).

Who will have access to my server?

The MDaemon related data contained on your server remains your property and responsibility. Access to this data should be restricted to appropriate users only.

By necessity, appropriate staff members employed by Zen Software will have access to all data contained on your server. As a result your own data protection statement may need to be amended to document this appropriately.

If required Zen Software will be happy to sign a suitable non-disclosure agreement (NDA) provided by you relating to the MDaemon related data contained on your server.

Is there a service level guarantee?

Yes. Details of this are available here.

Is the version of MDaemon used identical to the traditional on-premise version of MDaemon?

Not quite - this service is based on the 'Private Cloud' edition of MDaemon which differs from the traditional version of MDaemon in a few ways:-
  • Its licencing system allows for a flexible user count.
  • Outlook Connector support, AV scanning and ActiveSync support is integrated.
  • New versions usually lag the main MDaemon release by a couple of months. This provides time for any initial post release bugs to be ironed out.

Are there any features of MDaemon that will not be available to use?

We will not be allowing the use of MDaemon's BlackBerry Enterprise Services (BIS or BES) or Gateway related features.

Will there be any restrictions imposed on our use of the server?

This service is not available to companies that are intending to:-
  • send unsolicited bulk emails;
  • provide commercial email services to third parties not employed by the Customer;
  • pre-filter email being forwarded on to other mail servers;
  • use the server primarily as a mailing list server;
The Service may not be used for any activities which could be deemed to be illegal or fraudulent.

Can I migrate existing data from my existing onsite MDaemon email server to the cloud hosted server?

Yes. We can provide advice and assistance on the best way to upload your existing MDaemon server's mailbox data up to your new cloud hosted MDaemon server.

If I cancel the service, can I get a complete copy of my data?

Yes. We will provide advice and assistance on the best way to download a copy of your existing mailbox data. Additional bandwidth costs may be incurred when downloading large amounts of data.

What support will be available?

Our telephone and email support hours are 9am to 5pm, every working day except bank holidays and over the Christmas period. Obviously outside of those hours we will still be on hand to ensure that hosted MDaemon servers are working as expected 24 hours a day, every day - something that our own monitoring services will be keeping a check on.

We will also provide customers with an emergency contact number which should only be used to report server outages that you think we may not yet be aware of. This number should not be used for general support queries.

What monitoring of my server takes place?

We pro-actively monitor your server's 'vital signs' 24 hours a day. For more detailed information regarding the monitoring service we provide please go here.

Will I have access to my server's monitoring statistics?

Yes, we will provide you with login details to access your server's monitoring statistics via a free smartphone/tablet app as well as our monitoring server's web interface.

Will Windows updates and upgrades to the MDaemon software be managed for me?

Yes. We will manage these as part of your service.

Can I use SSL to encrypt my connections?

Yes, we can assist with setting up a self-signed or root trusted SSL certificate on your server.