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Cloud Hosted MDaemon Server
Combine the benefits of cloud hosting, with the performance,
security and flexibility of your own dedicated server.

All the benefits of fast, reliable cloud hosting.

Your Cloud Hosted MDaemon server is powered by Amazon's fast and hugely scalable hosting AWS infrastructure, currently boasting the best reliability record of any of the major hosting providers.

The benefits of cloud hosting include:

  • High speed access to your server from any location
  • Instantly scalability to meet any changing demands
  • Freeing up of your own office bandwidth
  • No need to buy, maintain and upgrade hardware
Read about Amazon's AWS cloud infrastructure

The freedom and flexibility of your own email server.

Unlike most multi-tennant email platforms, a dedicated server puts you in total control, which means access to the full functionality of your server to cater for even the most bespoke needs of your business.

A dedicated server also provides added security. You have control over how your data is managed, which removes the inherent security risk of multi-tenancy, and the possibility one tenant could at times consume the majority of system resources.

Monitoring, Management and backup handled by our experts.

It's your server, and you're in control, but we've got your back! Your time isn't best spent on thinking about server maintenance and mail server optimisation, but ours is, and we're really good at it. Our team of MDaemon gurus are on hand to ensure your server is available, backed up and running smoothly around the clock. And of course to answer any questions you may have!

Management service features include:

  • All aspects of hardware configuration and maintenance
  • Performing of all software upgrades and optimisation
  • 24 hour service monitoring and optimisation
  • 28 day backup for disaster recovery protection
  • Assistance with migration from your existing service
  • Fast, friendly telephone and email support
Read our comprehensive Service Level Guarantee

Our server still works just as if it was in our office and we now have more time to focus on what we do best. We highly recommend Cloud Hosted MDaemon.

Darren Vurnum, Escape Worldwide

One monthly fee. No software, hardware, or licence hassles.

We want you to be spending time growing your business, not on worrying about renewing licences, buying new servers and refreshing networking equipment.

All aspects of your Cloud Hosted MDaemon solution are combined in to one, single monthly fee to save you time and to ensure your business isn't landed with any surprise expenses.

The beauty of a single monthly fee?

  • No time spent renewing licences
  • No upfront capital expenditure costs
  • No unpredictable hardware maintenance costs

Everything your business needs from email.

Recently voted the number one alternative to Exchange, MDaemon Messaging Server is designed specifically for small to medium businesses and successfully uses by tens of thousands of companies in over 90 countries.

MDaemon's key features at-a-glance:

  • Full integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Sharing of email, calendars, contacts & tasks
  • Mobile device synchronisation and policy control
  • Powerful spam, virus and server abuse protection
  • Mailing lists, HTML signatures & instant messenger
Find out more about MDaemon

See how little your own server will cost...

Enter the number of mailboxes you require (from 5 to 250):

Currently, we're limiting this service to servers with up to 250 users.
If you have more than 250 users, please contact us so that we can fully understand your requirements.

What our customers say...

Commercial property specialists Frost Meadowcroft turned to Cloud Hosted MDaemon for the security and convenience of a cloud email service, with the flexibility of their own mail server.
Escape Worldwide move email to the cloud, saving time, enhancing reliability and providing more predictable costs.